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Lower resistance, smooth voltage level, reliable power tyep ER Li-SOCl₂ Battery

POWER TYPE - ER Li-SOCl₂ Battery, Advantageous Features

(1) High discharge rate;

(2) Have large continuous or pulse current and considerable power output for over five years;

(3) Lower resistance, smooth voltage level.

PSY-POWER TYPE - ER14250M-3.6V-1.0Ah
PSY-POWER TYPE - ER18505M-3.6V-3.2Ah
PSY-POWER TYPE - ER14335M-3.6V-1.3Ah
PSY-POWER TYPE - ER26500M-3.6V-6.5Ah
PSY-POWER TYPE - ER14505M-3.6V-2.2Ah
PSY-POWER TYPE - ER34615M-3.6V-14.5Ah

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