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Are you looking for a reliable battery solution for your product needs?

Let us introduce you to our range of disposable lithium batteries with excellent performance and long-lasting energy.

ER14250H 1/2AA 3.6V 1.2 Ah +85°C

ER14335H 2/3AA 3.6V 1.65 Ah +85°C

ER14505H AA 3.6V 2.7 Ah +85°C

ER18505H - 3.6V 4.0 Ah +85°C

ER26500H C 3.6V 9.0 Ah +85°C

ER34615H D 3.6V 19 Ah +85°C

ER17335H A 3.6V 2.2Ah +85°C

ER17505H A 3.6V 3.5Ah +85°C

Our batteries are able to meet the demands of low-power prolonged use and high-current discharge, making them the ideal solution for you.

We use advanced manufacturing processes and strict quality control measures to ensure the reliability and safety of our products.

We provide excellent after-sales service and technical support, ready to solve your problems and provide customised solutions.

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